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"Kick It" is a song recorded by South Korean boy band NCT 127, the multi-national and Seoul-based unit of the unlimited boy group NCT under the management of SM Entertainment. It was written by songwriter Wutan, Rick Bridges and danke of lalala Studio, with producers such as Dem Jointz, Deez, Mayila Jones, Chikk, Ryan S. Jhun and Yoo Young-jin took part in production.

A Big fan NCT 127 shows dissapoinment about ¨Kick It¨ in a music forum, "Damn I am so disappointed… I’m such a huge fan of NCT (listened to every song every unit has ever released) and I’ve been a fan of the vast majority of the whole group’s discography, including the oddball ones like Simon Says and Go, but this song was really not it. The “new thangs” drop chant chorus AND the weird repetition of Bruce Lee is super cringeworthy (sidenote: also annoying bc SM literally kicked the only Chinese member out of 127 and now is trying to shove a super gauche, tacky, culturally appropriative Chinese “kung fu” concept down our throats).

The vocal sections are super weirdly mixed, but the “chorus” sections really take the cake with the super tinny electric guitar sounds and the horrible artificial-sounding percussion mixing.

Let’s all move past the “omg Johnny and Jaehyun are shirtless” moment and discuss how much of a drop in quality this song was compared to Superhuman, which was in my opinion was one of the tightest, most clever, most well produced kpop songs of all time."


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